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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


These two philanthropist have started something similar. Name them. What is their idea which is helping thousands of poor across India and other parts of the world?

John Breen, the creator of and Vikas Sutaria, the creator of --- The websites which donate food to poor people based on the number of hits received on their websites.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Slumdog indeed lost!!

Slumdog refering to the Indian children living in slums lost and so did "Jai Ho"-an Indian exclamation signifying victory or accomplishment.The losers list also includes
"Chaddi"=the indian term for underwear, "cloud computing", "carbon neutral" and "NOOb" a derogatory term from the gaming community for a newcomer.
If these were the losers then who won and what was the list about??

Cracked by one and all. The winner is the word web 2.0 and it was recently crowned the millionth word in the english dictionary

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The answer I was looking for was the apparel brand S.Kumar's. Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassodar of its sub brand Belmonte. S kumars has been in the fray for acquiring Hartmarx whose most famous customer is Barrack Obama.

Who is he?

Simple question. Name him and why has he suddenly been so much googled over the last few days?

He is Suketu Mehta, the writer of "Maximum City, Bombay lost and found," the rights of which were bought by Danny Boyle. Nice Crack Nehru and Magesh!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ad for??

Ans: Hot Wheels. Cracked by Chithananda, Maverick0505 & Saurabh

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Want to move it!!

The origin of this term is uncertain. It is believed that it is a reduplication of the name given to a rent party in early 20th century USA. These parties were impromptu affairs which were organized to raise money to pay rent and at which a small entrance fee was charged.

This term was first recorded in print as the title of Clarence 'Pinetop' Smith's 1928 recording, which includes these lyrics:

I want everybody to dance just like I say
And when I say 'hold it there'
I want all of you ... to stop
And when I say stop - don't move
And when I say git it
I want all of you to do a _______ _________.

Name this term being talked about!!
(Try to answer without googling)

Ans: Boogie-Woogie
Shrey and Chithananda got it correct as usual.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Biz Games!!

The logo with the famous “winged arrow” was first used in 1926.Although the logo of this company is viewed as one of the most original and stylistically clean manufacturing company trademarks in the world, the author is not yet known. The black and green logo, which has been used since 1994, gives it a greater degree of originality – black symbolises the hundred-year tradition, green signalises environmental production.

Usual interpretation of the logo’s symbolism

* Large circle (circular ring) – universality of production, perfection of products, the globe, the world
* Pinion (wing) – technical progress, span of production programme and sales of products in the world
* Arrow – progressive production methods, high productivity
* Circle (eye) – precision of production, technical brightness, range of vision
* Black colour – hundred-year tradition
* Green colour – environmental production, protection of the environment, recycling of materials used.

Give me the name of the company whose logo is being talked about and whose old logo is given below!!

Cracked by Ameya ,Shrey , Mahesh, Johny Walker, Chithananda & mridulgreenwold
@mridulgreenwold:I agree it got too descriptive but just wanted to put all the information about the logo. Anyways will try to keep it short from next time onwards.
By the way thanks for pointing it out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yes Sir

His name comes from a Warwickshire cricketer killed in the First World War.He has an apparent mastery over a vast range of subjects, from philosophy through an encyclopaedic knowledge of poetry, science, history, psychology, geography, politics, and literature. He also has knowledge of all matters pertaining to gambling, car maintenance, etiquette, and women. However, his most impressive feats are a flawless knowledge of the British Aristocracy and making antidotes (especially for hangovers).In the Oxford English Dictionary his name has been converted into a generic term for any useful and reliable person. Name the person being talked about here!!

Ans:Reginald Jeeves -the "gentleman's personal gentleman"
Correct answers received from Shrey, vinay r m , Johny Walker & Chithananda