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Saturday, May 30, 2009

X Games

X's creators hope that it will evoke neither a type of cherry nor a strip club on The Sopranos TV series but rather a sound — the ringing of a bell that signals the “aha” moment when one finds an answer.

The name is meant to conjure “the sound of found” as X helps people with complex tasks like shopping for a camera,travel plans etc. Identify X!!

Ans: Bing - Microsoft's new search engine
Cracked by Truth and Lies , Shrey, Johny Walker, Sushrut & Chithananda

Shrey Goyal has some intresting advice to newbies and some great questions as well as how to go about solving a typical "workoutable qustion" . Do check it out guys at

Friday, May 29, 2009


She belongs to a place called Tura in Meghalaya and is the youngest among her 4 siblings. After doing her LLB from LS Law College, under Pune University, she joined the Delhi High Court as a lawyer and worked under the law firm - Fox Mandal Little & Co in Noida before plunging into a job which can be safely called her family business and which ultimately made her famous because she was the youngest to do this. Identify this lady in question!!

Cracked by one and all. It is Agatha Sangma

Thursday, May 28, 2009

X Games!!

Founded in 1876 as a telegraph equipment repair shop by Lars Magnus X, it was incorporated on August 18, 1918. Headquartered in Kista, Stockholm Municipality, since 2003,X is considered part of the so-called "Wireless Valley".Identify this company (X) whose logo has been given below:

Johny Walker,Chithananda & mridulgreenwold got it correct. It is indeed Ericsson

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


An omnipresent myth is prevalent that all the clocks in this movie are set to 4:20 (though all the clocks on the wall in the pawn shop are set to 4:20). However, in at least two scenes this was not the case.The time 4:20 is used as a slang for smoking marijuana. Which movie?

Ans:Pulp Fiction

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Solve for X and Y!!

Once when Y was in San Francisco in a coffee shop he was thinking about naming his new venture X, and then the waitress came and he asked "do you know about X" And she said yes. He then asked what do you know abot x, and she said "Open Sesame". Then
he went onto the street and found 30 people and asked them, ‘Do you know X’? People from India, people from Germany, people from Tokyo and China… They all knew about X." X is not a thief. X is a kind, smart business person, and he helped the village. So…easy to spell, and globally known. X opens sesame for small- to medium-sized companies". Thats how Y came to name his hugely sucessful venture as X. Identify X & Y.

Shrey and Chakru got it right as usual ...... it is Jack Ma and his

Friday, May 22, 2009

U Got a Mail!!

These are some of the excerpts from a letter..
-- Surround yourself with loyal friends. They'll protect and calm you and join in on some of the fun, and appreciate the history.
-- If you're traveling with your parents over Halloween, don't let it stop you from doing what you would normally do. Dress up in some imaginative, elaborate costume (if you are like us a pack of Juicy Fruit and a Vampiress) and trick-or-treat down the plane aisle.
-- And, a note on puppies--our sweet puppy Spot was nursed on the lawn . And then of course, there's Barney, who most recently bit a reporter. Cherish your animals because sometimes you'll need the quiet comfort that only animals can provide.-- Slide down the banister of the solarium, go to T-ball games, have swimming parties, and play Sardines on the lawn. Have fun and enjoy your childhood in such a magical place to live and play.
-- When your dad throws out the first pitch for the Yankees, go to the game.
-- In fact, go to anything and everything you possibly can: State Dinners, Christmas parties museum openings, arrival ceremonies, and walks around the monuments. Just go. Four years goes by so fast, so absorb it all, enjoy it all!

Identify who wrote it and to whom?

This question is contributed by Abhishek Chakraborty aka "Chakru"

Ans: Everybody was bang on target. It was from former US Prez Bush's daughters to Obama's daughters

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Laloo 's cow??

The brand has a well-known symbol, the "X Cow", which is a lilac colored Simmental cow sporting a bell around her neck, usually shown in an Alpine meadow. The name is believed to be derived from combining Milch und Kakao (the German terms for milk and cocoa, its primary ingredients. Name the brand(X)!!

Ans:Kraftfood's Milka chocolate.Ameya, Cintom, Shrinivas and Johny Walker nailed it.
@Rohan:Though u were wrong that was quite a good guess taking into account the title of this question...though I wonder if Laloo's cow would even be smiling after its masters debacle in the recent elections :)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Ans:Rohan,Sandeep and Ameya all are correct,It is Punj Lloyd

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The name was chosen by Rajiv Rao, executive creative director, South Asia, Ogilvy India who explained that he chose the name to favour something that was "fun, memorable and catchy, and not a clever one that’s difficult to pronounce".
They were split in two parts - the body and the head. The body was made using a special material stuffed with foam in some places (notably around the stomach) while the head was created using using a harder material called Perspex.what??

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its LOGO time...

Identify the Logo...

A.Shrey Gupta and Malcaluffin know their music right.
It is Jal-the Band.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You would love to be here!!

Simply.Who and Where?

It is JFK jr. under the resolute desk in the oval office.
Cracked by shrey knows,truth and lies,visakha simhan,chakru,attila,and doper dude(abhinav bhakla) of course.Close try by Hima,Susa and Sanjay Nanda

Monday, May 4, 2009

X Games

X is the wife of the the king of Ithaca, Odysseus , and daughter of Icarius and his wife Periboea. She only has one son by Odysseus, Telemachus, who was born just before Odysseus was called to fight in the Trojan War. She waits twenty years for the final return of her husband.On Odysseus's return, disguised as an old beggar, he finds that X has remained faithful. She has devised tricks to delay her suitors, one of which is to pretend to be weaving a burial shroud for Odysseus's elderly father Laertes and claiming that she will choose a suitor when she has finished. Every night for three years, she undoes part of the shroud, until some unfaithful maidens discover her chicanery and reveal it to the suitors.

Because of her efforts to put off remarriage, X is often seen as a symbol of connubial fidelity.

Identify X!!

Shrey,Varun and Susa got it right.
X is Penelope.