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Saturday, February 6, 2010



Id the painting and the artist!

Ayesha,Rahulb,Bishal and dilip gets it right.
It is indeed THE PERSISTENCE OF TIME by Salvador Dali.


ayesha said...

"the persistence of memory" by salvador dali

rahulb said...

The Persistence of Memory by
Salvador Dali

Bishal said...

Artist:Salavador Dali
Gallery:"The Persistence of Memory"

DalĂ­ painted one of his most famous works, The Persistence of Memory. which introduced a surrealistic image of soft, melting pocket watches. The general interpretation of the work is that the soft watches are a rejection of the assumption that time is rigid or deterministic.The wide expanding landscape, and the other limp watches, shown being devoured by insects.

dilip said...

Persistence of Time by Dali