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Monday, February 1, 2010

Does Gray Matter?

Yes Junta,you've heard it right.Kritansh'10 is back and so is
"Does Gray Matter"

Saddle up your belts, the clock is ticking
Even the likes of Marvin the paranoid android will be seen thinking
Question so tough, even the Riddler’s confidence will shatter
And you will find yourself asking, Does Gray Matter?

13 days from today and you will realise I wasn't exaggerating.

There will be 2 Quizzes:General Quiz and Biz Quiz

1)Team Size is 3.Open to all(including corporates, school students)
2)Cross Teams are allowed, anyone can pair with anyone else.
3)Both the Quizzes will be held on the same day i.e. 14th feb.
4)Registration is on the spot.
5)The Quizzes will be a usual written Prelims and Finals format.
6)6 Teams will make it to the finals after the written prelims.
7)Prizes for both the quizzes each are as follows:
First Prize: Rs.15,000
Second Prize: Rs 9,000
Third Prize: Rs 6,000

The Quizmaster for both the Quizzes will be Mr.Mitesh Agrawal-who needs no introduction.

For any Queries,contact:Nikhil Chitlangia 09861416598

Ankit Suman 09938168544

For other events,visit:

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