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Friday, June 12, 2009

Slumdog indeed lost!!

Slumdog refering to the Indian children living in slums lost and so did "Jai Ho"-an Indian exclamation signifying victory or accomplishment.The losers list also includes
"Chaddi"=the indian term for underwear, "cloud computing", "carbon neutral" and "NOOb" a derogatory term from the gaming community for a newcomer.
If these were the losers then who won and what was the list about??

Cracked by one and all. The winner is the word web 2.0 and it was recently crowned the millionth word in the english dictionary


Varun said...

web 2.0

mahesh said...

web 2.0 won the event

Neeraj said...

web 2.0
It is the list of words racing to become the millionth word in english.

and that is cuddies not chaddi.

Chithananda said...

millionth word in English

DOM!N!C said...

web 2.0 was the winner ........
becoming the millionth word in english dictionary