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Sunday, March 28, 2010


A total of 164 teams took part this year. The questions in the prelims were quite easy and so the teams scoring even 15 could not make it to the wild card rounds. The teams in the finals were that of-
KIIT University, Bhubaneswar
XIM, Bhubaneswar
DRIEMS, Cuttack
Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
NIST, Berhampur
ITER, Bhubaneswar

Winners: DRIEMS
Runners up: Utkal University

The questions from the prelims were(highlight the area below the question to see the answer)-

1. The logo of this company contains of a nest with a mother protecting her younger one.

2. Calvin Klein is owned by which company?
Philip's Van Heusen

3.Identify her(photo of Kiran Majumdar Shaw).

4.Which person is regarded as the Businessperson of the century?
Henry Ford

5.Which is the only railway station in India to be named after a
business giant?

6. Identify the company(logo of Puma).

7.The logo was designed by Carol Davison for a mere fees of
$35.The logo is now the trademark of a very famous company.
Name the company

8.Which city is known as the diamond capital of India?

9.Cover of The Monk who Sold is Ferrari.Tell the author
Robin Sharma

10.Print ad showing Walk and talk theme.Tell the company

11.Pic showing various brands like Hair n Care, Revive, Saffola etc.
and Ayesha Takia. Tell the company

12. Name the economic daily of The Hindustan Times.

13.This company was earlier known as Racal Telecom.This is a
UK giant.Tell the company

14.Photo of a lady.Identify her(ceo of yahoo-Carol Bartz)

15.In 1921 Howdy Chicago became the first to achieve this.It then after
set a trend.What was the achievement??
First movie to be screened in an aircraft.

16.Screenshot of a Nirma Ad

17.This very widely used gadget is manufactured by a canadian
company Research in Motion

18.Question on history of Nickelodean.

19.This is the mostly widely prescribed drug. It comes in mint ,orange
and mixed fruit flavours

20.Song from Kaminey played. Tell the producer/production house

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