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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beware kids!!!!

The first signs of an X are:

  1. Rise in surface pressure over the Indian Ocean,Indonesia, and Australia.
  2. Fall in air pressure over Tahiti and the rest of the central and eastern
  3. Trade Winds in the south Pacific weaken or head east
  4. Warm air rises near , causing rain in the northern Peruvian deserts
  5. Warm water spreads from the west Pacific and the Indian Ocean to the east Pacific. It takes the rain with it, causing extensive drought in the western Pacific and rainfall in the normally dry eastern Pacific
It happens at irregular intervals of 2–7 years and lasts nine months to two years.
The Strong-arms Dude below is a huge hint.
Id "X"

Kaushik,Shrey,Sijut and Vineet(again) get it right.
X is El Nino and the guy is Hanley Ramirez who is known by nick name of El Nino.


Kaushik said...

El Nino

Shrey said...

El Nino

Sijut Mehta said...

Answer is the "El-Nino" phenomenon...
given pic is of Hanley Ramirez who is known by nick name of El Nino

Vineet said...

El is periodic climatic changes across the pacific!