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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Miley Cyrus,
Victoris Beckham,
Kim Kardashian,
David Beckham
and Paris Hilton.
Just add an Indian to this list . Give me the connection.


Shrey said...

Mallika Sherawat , had a milkshake in Hollywood named after her.

NKOB said...

Mallika Sherawat.
These people have Ice cream named after themselves in Hollywood.

Avneeth said...

Mallika Sherawat after she had a milkshake named after her like the other stars mentioned.

Sijut Mehta said...

Mallika Sherawat...Hollywood Milkshake named after all of them

Agni said...

mallika sherawat

X.Abhinav said...

mallika sherawat!

X.Abhinav said...

milk shakes

ameen said...

mallika sherawat
cocktails are named after them