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Monday, May 18, 2009

Laloo 's cow??

The brand has a well-known symbol, the "X Cow", which is a lilac colored Simmental cow sporting a bell around her neck, usually shown in an Alpine meadow. The name is believed to be derived from combining Milch und Kakao (the German terms for milk and cocoa, its primary ingredients. Name the brand(X)!!

Ans:Kraftfood's Milka chocolate.Ameya, Cintom, Shrinivas and Johny Walker nailed it.
@Rohan:Though u were wrong that was quite a good guess taking into account the title of this question...though I wonder if Laloo's cow would even be smiling after its masters debacle in the recent elections :)


Ameya said...


cintom said...


Rohan said...

Laughing cow??

R.Sreenivas said...

Milka...wonder cake:)

Johny Walker said...


Raveesh Mayya said...


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