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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Identify the blanked out portion and also what it led to.

Ans:Everybody got it correct
The pic is of Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. son of Col. Charles Augustus Lindbergh who was kidnapped and later murdered. As a result of this incident,United States made kidnapping a federal crime and this law came to be known as "Lindbergh Law".


Shrey said...

Son of Charles Lindbergh had been kidnapped, and subsequently murdered. This lead to the "Lindbergh Law," which made kidnapping a federal crime.

Shrey Gupta said...

Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. SON OF Col. Charles Augustus Lindbergh

As a result of the incident,United States made kidnapping a federal crime

Chithananda said...

Charles Lindbergh

Optimistik said...

Charles A. Lindbergh

Rahul Raghuraman said...

Charles Lindberg

Anand Shankar said...

Charles Lindberghs child...Lindbergh law (for kidnappings) came about bcoz of this..
similar to Murder on the orient express story