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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The X factor

X was born in Rutland, Vermont USA on February 7, 1804, the son of William Rinold, a tailor, and Sarah Yates (1780-1826). William disappeared on the way to England in 1808 when X was only four years old. He served four years as apprentice to Captain Benjamin Lawrence, a prosperous Middlebury blacksmith, and entered the trade for himself in 1825.X's business was not doing very well, and he was having trouble with creditors. Facing bankruptcy, X sold the shop to his father-in-law and departed for Illinois. There X found out that cast-iron plows were not working very well in the tough prairie soil of Illinois. He came to the conclusion that a plow made out of highly polished steel and a correctly shaped moldboard (the self-scouring steel plow) would be better able to handle the soil conditions of the prairie, especially its sticky clay. This was the begining of a very sucessful venture. Identify X!!

Ans: John Deere


Saket said...

John Deere, the founder of John Deere tractors co.

ABHILASH said...