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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Complete the list..

May 12, 1988
April 25,1994
October, 1998
July 15, 1999
September 25, 2002

Complete the list and tell me what is this a list for?


Saket said...
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Saket said...

Plzz post the answer

Sunny said...

Seems it was a tough one.
The list is dates of various NSG Operations.

May 12, 1988 — Operation Black Thunder II
April 25, 1994 — rescue of hijacked plane Indian Airlines Boeing 737
October, 1998—major combat missions in Jammu and Kashmir
July 15, 1999—rescue of 12 hostages held by armed terrorists who had stormed an apartment complex in Kashmir and killed 4 people
September 25, 2002— Operation Vajra Shakti(Akshardham temple)
Last in the list being...
November 2008 -Mumbai attacks—Operation Black Tornado, Operation Cyclone

Dedicated to those who lost their life in Mumbai terror attack.