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Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Connect....


Anirudh Patil said...

1) TATA institute of social sciences
2) ??
3)Aamir Khan: Titan brand ambassador
4) Tata Nano

Kamal Rathi said...

I think the connect is Medha Patkar. She passed out from TISS, 2nd pic is the logo of the Narmada Bacha Andolan, 3rd is Amir Khan who raised voice FOR Medha Patkar. Nano is scheduled to be produced in Gujrat, and Medha Patkar is protesting that too.My God, why does she PROTEST all the time. God Save India.

abhishek mania said...

medha patkar

Saket said...

@Kamal...You are almost correct

The answer is Medha Patkar and you explained it all correctly except the nano part. Actually she was protesting the setting up of nano plant in Singur and was arrested before she could even reach Singur.And now Tata has moved out of Singur. Whatever this lady touches, makes a halt. God help India from these people.