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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The person in lead role of this game, developed by, a Mumbai based online gaming company, is Manmohan Singh, enacted by a player who takes on his avatar and runs towards a crown.
In order to become the winner of the crown, the player is required to pass over the obstacles denoted by sociopolitical issues – such as the Indo-US nuclear deal, farmer suicides, opposition from the CPI and rising inflation – faced by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Opposition parties also chase the player during the game. The game was released on 8th August 2008.
Give me the name of this game which has been played over one million times in just two weeks of its launch and received more than five lakh unique visitors as of now.


rusty said...

gud one..
singh is king

stonecold said...

singh is king.

Saket said...

The answer is Singh is King. The game release date coincided with the date of release of the movie.