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Sunday, August 10, 2008



Sunny said...

vf gur pbaarpg znel wnar..
evpx wnzrf unq na nyohz pnyyrq znel wnar juvpu jnf qrqvpngrq gb znevwhnan
fcvqrezna punenpgre'f znel wnar

rusty said...

vf gur pbaarpgvba wvzv uraqevk?

Sιδ said...

va nqqvgvba gb jung fhaal unf fnvq, zneel wnar vf nyfb gur anzr bs gur pnaql juvpu jnf znqr ol arppb qhevat jbeyq jne bar

Saket said...

sorry rusty.... u r wrong

sunny... u got it correct

i'll give the exact connect later

Saket said...

The connect is Mary Jane.
Marijuana is also called Mary Jane,
Rick James had a song called Mary Jane which was probably related somewhere to marijuana.
Spiderman - I don't think I need to tell
NECCO(New England Confectionery Company) is a big confectionary company which made a candy called Mary Jane during World War 1. It was very popular at that time.